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New Wooden Venetian blinds now    available in 25 35 50mm slats

Venetian Blinds

Hand-made to your requirements
Control light and airflow with ease with our Aluminium and Wooden Venetian blinds

Venetian Blinds offer a modern feel to any living or work area. Their operational versatility gives easy control of light and the choice of finish available makes them a popular choice with both domestic and commercial customers.
Powder coated Alluminium or 100% real wood slats mean the durability of Venetian blinds is second to none and will continue to compliment a room long after fabric alternatives have faded or worn. A choice in slat size is also available (25mm / 35mm / 50mm) as well as a wide selection of wood finishes.
Regulating light and airflow is made easy with Venetian blinds, making them the number one choice for offices and meeting rooms.
A full range of styles and finishes is on display in our Southsea showroom. Please feel free to pop in store or call us for more information, or to discuss your specific requirements.

Venetian Blind finishes are available in a wide selection of plains and patterns, designed to compliment your existing decor or offer a fresh new look.
Powder coated aluminium ensures a smooth, modern look and feel as well as offering durability; ideal for high moisture areas such as kitchens and bathrooms/shower rooms.

Due to recent reductions in production costs, Wooden Venetians are growing in popularity. 100% real wood and available in various slat widths (25 / 35 / 50mm). These blinds really do offer a luxurious feel to any room and provide the same control with regards to light and air flow as their aluminium alternatives.

Style        Control        Affordable
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