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Wooden Shutters

Hand-made to your requirements
A period home or a cool city space? We can help you find a stunning design solution that meets your specific needs

With their good looks and versatility, shutters are a timeless trend. They introduce more privacy and intimacy to rooms and also provide valuable insulation.

Our shutters collection is an inspired choice of contemporary styles, shapes and finishes that will add an exciting dimension to any scheme.

Pick from an extensive colour palette that includes a huge choice of gorgeous painted, stained and natural finishes. Or if you prefer to unleash your own intimate style, choose a custom colour option and explore the tones that suit your decor.
Each shutter is bespoke and made-to-measure to reflect the individual architecture of the window, from the size of the louvre right down to the colour of the hinge, and fitted by our professional team to the most exacting standards.

So whether you enjoy contemporary modern living, have a period home or a cool city pad, we can help you find a stunning design solution that meets your specific needs.


Many properties have beautiful original windows that look gorgeous but can be awkward shapes and sizes.
Opting for bespoke shutters, which can be made to fit windows of any shape and size, is a good way to accentuate and draw attention to lovely features.

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